Vimana で rails.vim を導入

なんか、Vim スクリプトの管理には、Vimana というものが便利らしいので、それを使って rails.vim をインストールする。

まず cpanm を導入:

$ sudo cpan App::cpanminus


次に Vimana を導入:

$ sudo cpanm Vimana


vimana で rails という名がつくスクリプトを検索:

$ vimana search rails
railscasts        [color scheme] Railscasts TextMate theme for Vim (GUI Only)
railstab.vim      [utility]      Retabbing hacks extracted from rails.vim
rails.vim         [utility]      Ruby on Rails: easy file navigation, enhanced syntax highlighting, and more
grails-vim        [utility]      Easy file navigation and testing of Grails projects
railscasts-theme  [color scheme] A railscasts color theme that works in 256color terminals as well as gui


rails.vim を導入:

$ vimana install rails.vim


tree するとこんな感じ。

$ tree ~/.vim
├── after
├── autoload
│       └── rails.vim
├── colors
├── compiler
├── doc
│       ├── rails.txt
│       └── tags
├── ftplugin
├── indent
├── keymap
├── lang
├── plugin
│       └── rails.vim
├── print
├── record
│       └── rails.vim
├── spell
├── syntax
└── tutor

Vimana 素敵ですね!

ついでに、autocomplpop なるものも入れてみる:

$ vimana search autocomp
autocomplpop      [utility]      Automatically opens popup menu for completions
xul.vim           [syntax]       Support autocompletion (CTRL-XCTRL-U): balises and attributes with XUL files.
autocomp.vim      [utility]      Auto-complete VIM script tailored for those with RSI
bib-autocomp.vim  [ftplugin]     Autocompletion of BibTeX entries
findfile          [utility]      Open file quickly by using autocomplete

$ vimana install autocomplpop

Ctrl-p Ctrl-n で候補選択、Enter で決定か。いいぞ。