DHH といっしょ

DHH と話すための英語の練習。

Hi! David. Nice to meet you. I'm babie, needless to say, a Rubyist, Rails user, Ah,(いかにも今思い出したように) I send a little patch. I write articles on Redhanded occasionally.

Would you do me a favor? I wanna take a picture with you.
(DHH: Yes, ...)
Please follow me, this pose for a picture. This pose is a funny, famous pose in Japan, that called 'Boom'. (以後、不思議そうな顔をしていたら説明) This pose is expressed a mimicking air-plain flies, came from an Ascii Art on 2ch - a huge aggregate of BBSs, photogravure idol Shoko-tan spread this pose to Real world. 

Hey, please smile, "Boom!"(パチリ)